written by Connie Versagi

Two Airedales were found running as strays in Illinois.  A male and a female.  You guessed it, this is the story of the female, our very own Bea.

In October of 2005 when the two strays were brought to the kennel they were given the names of the two volunteers who had brought them in – Karla and Roy.  First examinations revealed they were both heartworm positive.  ATRA approved their treatment and they were officially on the road to new lives.  Heartworm treatment is stressful on a dog’s entire system and they both needed to remain quiet.

Next challenge to face was appropriate foster homes for the needed recuperation.  The story here has some mention of an area coordinator plying some friends who had just lost their beloved dog of 14 ½ years with pizza and beer and fast talking to foster.  No one is saying how true that part may or may not be; however, these folks went from grieving a terrible loss to new foster parents for Karla.  I’ll let you fit the pizza and beer into the equation as you see fit!

Turns out, it was a match made in heaven.  Fostering evolved into adoption.  Karla was renamed by her new family to Bea.  Bea found a home and a grieving family found just the right medicine for their broken hearts.

Soon it was noticed that Bea was acting stiff upon coming out of her kennel.  Bedding was changed to maximum fluff, medication was tried for arthritis, change in exercise routine, sleeping routine, nothing was helping.  After a squirrel treeing incident Bea’s limp went to total non-weight bearing.  It was obvious this was a bigger problem than arthritis.

In January Bea was diagnosed with a torn ACL.  Tibial plateau leveling osteotomy (TPLO) surgery was recommended.  This surgery is extensive, but provides up to a 95% permanent recovery rate and faster healing time.  It truly is thought to be the best option for a full recovery.  TPLO surgery was performed on Bea on February 15th.  ATRA agreed to cover the costs on this surgery for Bea.

Her follow-up visits have shown a wonderful recovery.  Bea is looking forward  to many years chasing squirrels now.   A tough job, but somebody’s got to do it.  Thanks to ATRA, she’s just the gal.

ATRA needs your donations to continue to provide the necessary medical care for these great dogs.  An Easter donation would be so much more satisfying than chocolate!  Guaranteed to only add pounds to your heart.


Bea is doing great in her new home.

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