written by Connie Versagi

To ask for only one thing for Christmas/New Year’s doesn’t seem like much at all.  Not in these times, when things are so commercialized, extravagant, overpriced gifts seem to have become the norm.  Just one gift.  That’s all that Oly wants this year.  I believe there is someone out there who can make his wish come true.  So now my wish for Christmas is that person reads this story. 

2006 has been ATRA’s Year of the Senior.  What a great year.  To me, there is no better or deserving group than the seniors.  I have never met someone who took one in and told me they regretted it.  Never.   So it seems appropriate to wind up 2006 with the Spotlight firmly shining on a great senior who needs a home.

Oly is 11 years old, but as you can see is in great shape.  His family recently came apart at the seams.  The all too prevalent story of a divorce.  Oly got left behind with a family member that was struggling to care for themselves.  As the situation deteriorated, so did  Oly, in body and spirit. 

A family member finally stepped in, getting Oly’s human into a care facility and taking Oly to a vet to be looked after.  A much needed step in the right direction for this grand gentleman.  With care and attention over the next nine weeks, Oly blossomed back into the gentle, healthy, good natured boy he had been in the past.  The wonderful boy you see in the pictures.  He has now been turned over to ATRA, with the fervent wish that we will find a home for him. 

This is a true gem of a boy.  He walks well on a leash, and loves to take walks.  Sometimes giving his rusty old bark as you get ready, encouraging you to hurry, adventures might be passing by outside that need to be investigated.  Let’s go. 

He loves humans, big and small, and other dogs.  Okay, sure, sometimes Oly may be a little stiff in the hind quarters, but oh can he proudly prance those front legs when out for a jaunt around the neighborhood.  True Airedale spirit burns like a bright bonfire inside this one.  He truly loves to please, but sometimes the sit command is not adhered to, when the back end is feeling a little stiff.  Not a problem that should keep this guy from having a wonderful retirement with a loving family who understands him.

It has been a long time now that he has been at the kennel.  Oly needs to get in a home and get comfortable.  He needs to feel loved, not discarded.  Someone will be getting the companion of a lifetime with him.  I know that for a fact.  I adopted an 11 year old senior myself this year.  I smile every time I look at her.  She is simply the best thing I did in 2006.

I understand that not everyone is in a position to offer a home for Oly.  Those of us who can’t do that, can certainly still help this boy on the road to a new home by a donation to help cover the expenses that have been incurred for him.  Money well spent as you can see by his pictures.

Okay, now Oly and I will both wait for our Christmas wish to come true.  No other gift will give you so much back in return. 


To all of the Spotlight readers I want to say a huge thank you.  You have come through for me and for Oly.  Our Christmas wish has come true.  Oly has a home and is there in time for the holidays.  I am overwhelmed by the generosity of our readers.  The willingness to open your hearts and homes to a senior Airedale. 

To all of the wonderful homes who offered to take Oly in, I can tell you that he was just one that I chose to spotlight, but there are several other seniors just as deserving, waiting for a place to belong.  If you were willing to open your heart to Oly, please contact me, and I will see to it that you are put in touch with another senior Airedale who will be so appreciative to have a home.  No dog who has given their life to being a loyal companion should be homeless as a senior.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to start 2007 with all the seniors placed in homes!  Contact me if you can help conniecam@att.net.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS from Spotlight on Rescue!

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