written by Connie Versagi

Sometimes we truly wish that our rescues could talk to us.  We see the uncertainty, the fear, the wonder in their eyes.  We want them to be able to tell us how they got to the state they are in, things they have endured.  But time and time again they teach us a very important lesson.  Life is about this minute.  Not about looking over your shoulder, but keeping your eyes firmly set on what is in front of you.  Finding love and comfort right this moment and basking in it.

Amos came to ATRA after being found tied to a tree in a yard, surrounded by various other suffering animals.  He hadn’t been there long.  No one knows how he got put into this situation, where he came from.  Running loose perhaps, only to be lured in and put in conditions worse than fending for himself.  No one really knows.  His conditions were horrible, but Amos is not talking.  I believe that Amos would tell you that what happened before is not nearly as important as what is happening now.

Amos is living with an ATRA volunteer now; safe, warm, well fed and cared for.  Though he sees no need to spend time in the past, the past does make you what you are.  First of all Amos has shown to be a loving boy who is very grateful.

Sudden movements, large gestures, the furnace kicking on all made Amos apprehensive at first.  He is housebroken, but didn’t know a single command.  Not even sit.  He didn’t mind when he got groomed one bit.  He will roll over for a good belly scratching anytime someone offers.  He sleeps soundly in a crate at night with never a peep.  He likes his foster sister.  He follows his foster mom all over the house, sleeps in the well of her desk by her feet, just to make sure he will not get left alone again.   A sweet, timid boy.

Amos has come a long way since coming into ATRA’s care.  He is coming out of his shell.  His foster mom says she keeps him inside the fence and watches him closely as he stands and looks “beyond.”  Perhaps wishing with all his might that the loneliness out there on the other side of that fence doesn’t catch him again.  Is this all too good to be true. 

Some dogs that come to us need surgery to heal broken bodies.  Amos needs ATRA just as much, to heal his emotional wounds.  He is healing nicely in spirit and looking forward to a new forever home that will include him and love him every day.  When it comes to needing to heal with love and attention, Amos came to the right place.  ATRA is here for him.

Amos reminds me of one of my favorite quotes.  “To a man the greatest blessing is individual liberty; to a dog it is the last word in despair.”  William Lyon Phelps

If you would like to sponsor Amos, help pay for his daily expenses as he learns to become a wonderful family member for a new home, please make a donation to ATRA and tell them you would like to sponsor Amos.  Together we can heal a frightened, broken heart.

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