Firstgiving provides an online fundraising service that is available to everybody through  Any individual can use Firstgiving to support any registered U.S. tax-exempt organization - including ATRA! All you need to do is click on the button above and follow a few simple steps:

       - Select a fundraising event and a cause - "Airedale Terrier Rescue and Adoption"
       - Personalize an online page with a message and photo
       - Tell friends and family about the page by emailing the link or posting it in your blog
       - Donors make an online donation and leave a comment.

Funds are transferred automatically to ATRA!  It is that easy.

About Firstgiving

Our mission:
We help people who want to make a difference.
We believe that individuals are the driving force behind charitable giving. Our mission is to make it possible for anyone, anywhere, to raise more money than they would have thought possible for the causes they care about. Our ambition is to create the world's most user-friendly fundraising tools and to host a diverse and lively online community where donors, fundraisers and beneficiaries can support, learn from and communicate with each other in their own ambition to support their causes.

What we do:
Firstgiving provides a web-based fundraising service that lets individuals raise money online for any registered U.S. tax-exempt organization. Fundraisers set up an online fundraising page using our simple template and send it with a personal message to family and friends to ask for support for a walk, run, bike ride or any other event they might be participating in. Our fundraising pages help raise more money than traditional methods and make it easier for everybody.

Who we are:
Firstgiving is an office of 12 hardworking people who share the same core values as our fundraisers.  We are dedicated to making online fundraising available to everybody.  We are amazed and awed by the extraordinary individuals who come through  These people are raising money for serious causes, often by participating in grueling events, and we feel very lucky to be able to at least help make the fundraising easier and hopefully make that part a little bit fun.

Some history:
Firstgiving is the US office of Giving, Ltd. The company was established in 1999 in London, England as Justgiving (still operating through; the US office opened in Lexington, MA in 2003. In December, 2005, we changed the name of the US part of the business to Firstgiving.  Our office moved to Davis Square in Somerville, MA in June 2006.

Firstgiving is considered a leader in providing online fundraising tools to fundraisers and organizations, helping thousands of individuals raise millions of dollars for US nonprofit organizations.