Why Adopt an Older Airedlae?

written by John Carr, May 2002

We adopted Max on December 7, 2000.  Mas was seven when we adopted him and he was everything that the coordinator and his foster mom said he was.  In fact, Max is the perfect dog in every sense of the word!  He is smart, spunky, inquisitive, playful, loving, loyal, brave, honorable, clown and king of all that he surveys.  However, those are the "normal" things that any Airedale person comes to expect from their furry companion.  Kinda like "Standard Features" in an automobile.  I'd like to tell all potential adopters that taking an "older" dog into your home is one of the most rewarding things you can do.

Mas has been with us now for two years.  The thing that impresses me the most about him is his willingness to share his time with me.  He goes with me everywhere that he can negotiate the space.  He sleeps under my desk when I am working.  He sleeps under my bed at night...wouldn't want to chance any burglars finding his valuables unguarded.  He shares his views of the world and its contents with me on an ongoing basis.

When we get up to go for our early morning walk, Max always waits while I get dressed before he stands in front of me for his morning rub-down.  Yes, he gets a little "stiff" these days and his glucosamine tablets help a lot, but it's the time we spend together while I rub his shoulders and back and he groans and kisses my face in repayment that makes me smile at how deeply he has penetrated my heart.

The woods are a magical place.  Once there, the years fall away as if they were leaves trying to cling to his back.  He becomes a puppy again!  Scurrying here and there to pick up the scent of the dog, fox, rabbit, deer, coyote, bear and mountain lion.  Protocol dictating that each scent must be over-marked, I also wonder that Max isn't dehydrated before we return home! Watching Max "work" the trails is something to behold!  He is a tireless hunter and fearless warior.  Fortunately for both of us, we don't see too many bears and mountain lions these days.

Why adopt?  Because you never will know the double-edged meaning of rescue until you do.  These dogs give "Life and Love" and rescue all of us in the process.


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