Rico Herman

Rico and kids

Over the course of the last month, we have been blessed with an early Christmas gift, Rico.  He has brought much laughter, joy and contentment to our home, which had been missing for too long. (I almost hate to admit that, as I was the one dragging my feet on getting another dog)...I didn't ever think we'd find another dog that could fit so well into our family, like our previous Airedale Jake had. Rico really is such a gentleman!  You can tell he was truly loved in his former home by how he interacts with us and the kids.  He just wants to please us!   He entertains us daily with his playful manner and gentle nuzzles.  When we come home, he is so excited to see us, he leans into us and PURRS!  In the evening, when we finally settle in, he comes and stands in front of us for some neck/ear scratching.  He slowly moves so he basically gets his back scratched and then puts his butt in the air.  He won't lay down until he has had a couple minutes of butt scratchin'!  He is funny! 

Our arms were getting tired from throwing the ball or retriever stick, and as luck would have it, Santa brought Rico "The Chuck-It" for Christmas, (it makes perfect snowballs too!) along with many other toys and treats! He loves playing in the back yard with us or one of his neighborhood friends.   The resident 'ol girl next door (Rosie) has "perked up" a bit, they run together and whine to go out if the other is outside now.  He has had fun playing with other dogs at the PAW PARK too.  We will be starting some obedience/agility training soon.  He has improved on the lead, but still needs some work :)  It's been so darned icy, that I haven't braved a long walk with him.  Thank God for the fenced in yard!

He still hasn't counter surfed or taken food from any of us.  He just goes to the sunroom and waits until we are done eating.  Good manners!  He won't even go to his food bowl or take a treat until he is given the OK....He is a VERY good dog!

Unfortunately, Rico had to leave one home. But, by the Grace of God and an Aire-Angel in Cleveland, he is very happy here in his new, forever home.  There is plenty of love to go around....he definitely isn't starved for affection or attention!  You can sleep well, knowing Rico sleeps on a dog bed right next to our bed!  (We've tried to get him to come up onto our bed, but he wont...you must have trained him well!  Thank you, for doing one of the most difficult things, but the best thing for your Riko...letting him go and allowing him to be loved by another family!  WE truly are the lucky ones!


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