Read this, then consider Adopting a Senior

Ken and Susan Duncan with Airedales Brandy, Bianca and Skippy

by Susan Duncan 

As usual, we were not looking for another dog nor did we realize we wanted another dog to join the family, that is, until we saw Brandy on the web site.  We liked her bio and knew she would fit in.  When we read Beth’s plea for a permanent home for Brandy we decided to bring her into our home and make her a member of the family.  That decision took about 2 minutes worth of discussion.  Thanks to Beth Hauck and other volunteers across Missouri, we had Brandy here in less than a week.  We have always had a soft spot for the senior dogs and felt so badly for them when they have lost their home after many years of companionship. Brandy has fit right in with our family and as a senior she came into the house without the need for training and already knowing many commands.  She has made the adjustment so smooth it is as if she has always been here.  Our 11-year old Bianca, our first foster who we adopted, and 7-year old Skippy were happy to see her and willing to share food bowls, water dish, toys and beds. She makes no demands and only wants love and some attention.  If anyone else has ever considered adopting an older dog please try to give them a home and think of them more as dogs with experience and not just an old dog.  Yes, they sometimes come with old age issues, but who doesn’t as we grow older.  They still have time left to share with you and enrich your life.


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