Welcome Keely!

by Sarah Stark and David Clydesdale

We are thrilled to welcome our new girl, Keely, into her forever home! She is quite the live wire now that she has adjusted to all the living noises we have in our house in the suburbs of Chicago. Keely certainly wants her share of attention, and is learning from our little Davis how to get it. She has learned how to understand "human language" with the help of our personal trainer, who has done a great job with Keely.

Keely has turned into a wonderful girl. We have had her about 6 weeks now, and it seems like we have had her forever. She and Davis have figured out how things will function between them, and I often see them touching noses. However, I am not privy to what they are discussing!

This is our first experience with a younger Airedale. Keely keeps us laughing with her antics, and has earned the moniker of "Keela Monster". I do have to say that we no longer have many soft toys. Keely has ripped them apart - first the legs and heads came off, and then the bodies started flying apart. Yesterday, we heard this tearing sound, and David thought she was taking the carpet up. We had a good laugh when we saw it was only a duck that was in an unrecognizable state.

Keely LOVES the snow! We certainly have plenty of that, which I don't mind. However, we also have had thick sheets of ice, which made walking really bad. We had to resort to walking in the street, which neither Davis or Keely liked that much (nothing to sniff). Since the last 4" of snow fell, though, the ice got covered up and we are back in the greenbelt and sidewalks going around the neighborhood.

Thank you, ATRA, for placing Keely with us! She is turning into a very loving girl that enjoys life and brings joy to both of us.